These pages will tell you a little about the owl species we have at the sanctuary.

Click on the name of the species that you are interested in learning more about to read about their habitat, where to find them, what they like to eat – and whether they are endangered or not:

British owls
British barn owl – Tyto alba
Tawny owl - Strix aluco
Little owl - Athene noctua
Short-eared owl – Asio flammeus
Long-eared owl - Asio otus
European owls
Snowy owl - Nyctea scandiaca
European eagle owl - Bubo bubo
Common scops - Otus scops
Ural owl - Strix uralensis
Great grey owl - Strix nebulosa
European barn owl - Tyto alba guttata
Tengmalms owl – Aegolius funereus
Asian owls
Western Siberian eagle owl - Bubo bubo sibiricus
Eastern Siberian eagle owl - Bubo bubo yenisseensis
Siberian/Turkmenian eagle owl - Bubo bubo sibiricus x turcomanus
Turkmenian eagle owl - Bubo turcomanus
Aharoni’s eagle owl - Bubo bubo interpositus
Indian eagle owl - Bubo bengalensis
Malaysian brown wood owl - Strix leptogrammica
Indian Scops owl Otus bakkamoena
African owls
Milky eagle owl - Bubo lacteus
White-faced scops owl - Ptilopsis leucotis
Mackinder’s eagle owl - Bubo capensis mackinderi
African spotted eagle owl - Bubo africanus
Woodfords owl – Strix woodfordii
Vermiculated Eagle owl - Bubo cinerascens
American owls
Great horned owl - Bubo virginianus occidental
Magellanic horned owl - Bubo magellanicus
Burrowing owl - Athene/Speotyto cunicularia
Western screech owl - Otus kennicotti
Rufous-legged owl - Strix rufipes
Mottled owl - Strix virgata
Spectacled owl - Pulsatix perspicillata
American barn owl - Tyto alba pratincola
New Zealand owls
Boobook owl - Ninox novaeseelandiae
West Indies owls
Ashy-faced owl - Tyto glaucops
Australian birds
Laughing Kookaburra - Dacelo novaeguineae